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The Polti Contains:

  • 1 Pc Rose & Pomegranate Cream, 15g - 
  • 1 Pc Rose & Pomegranate Jaggery Lip Balm, 8g - 
  • 1 Pc Rose & Oudh Luxury Diya Candle, 225g - 

Rose & Pomegranate Cream - Light formula with organic nutrients deeply hydrate, improve elasticity, promote tissue strength, leave skin soft, supple & regenerated. Nourishing jojoba, almond and combine with antioxidant in pomegranate for a renewed, radiant and noticeably replenished skin. 

Rose & Pomegranate Jaggery Lip Balm - Packed with goodness of fresh Pomegranate & Rose extract, Beeswax, Almond Oil, Kokum & Pure cold Pressed Oils for Lip repair & Lip Redness. Organic Jaggery for moisturizing nourishment & protection against dryness. 

Rose & Oudh Luxury Diya Candle - Rose and Oudh for relaxation and soothing the environment. The soaked rose petal extract imparts a soft pink hue to the natural waxes. Beautifully scented rose and agarwood extract reduces stress, enhances the feeling of calmness, tranquillity and balance.


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An ideal combo with a relaxing aroma of rose and oudh for a self care routine to nourish and soften lips and replanish skin.