Ever Beautiful Skin Care Program

Ever Beautiful Skin Care Program

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Achieve the glowing skin of your dreams with Ohria’s beauty and wellness plan. 


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  • The Ever-Beautiful Skin Program is a personalized beauty and wellness plan which is exclusively curated for you, keeping in mind your needs and concerns.

  • It focus on conducting a dosha analysis for you, and accordingly suggesting lifestyle and dietary changes which will help you achieve healthy, beautiful hair and skin.

The Ever-Beautiful Skin Program is a beauty and wellness plan aimed at making lifestyle and dietary changes basis your Ayurvedia Dosha and your skin concerns. 

  • A 45-minute online consultation session with Ms.Rajni Ohri and Ohria’s Ayurvedic Doctor to understand your needs and concerns, and curate a beauty and lifestyle plan. 

  • Follow-up calls twice a week for two weeks with our doctor, wherein the doctor will help you inculcate the plan into your daily routine for maximum effectiveness. 

  • Client feedback on the plan in order to alter than plan, if needed. 

  • This is a personalized program and will be tailor-made as per individual needs and concerns.

  • The plan will include dosha analysis, lifestyle and dietary changes, beauty rituals for skin and hair. Lifestyle changes will also include yoga, pranayama, different mudras etc.