Ageless Face Yoga Program

Ageless Face Yoga Program

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Learn the art of face self-massage (mukh abhyanga) based on your needs & concerns.


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  • The Ageless Face Yoga Program is a personalised face program tailor-made for you by analysing your face pictures.

  • Especially curated by Ohria’s Founder and a certified face yoga practitioner – Rajni Ohri – the program is a one-on-one session based on the theory of analyzing facial muscles, balancing the usage of over-worked or dormant muscles, preventing and minimising fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin. 

  • The program focuses on sculpting, toning and firming the face by correcting facial postures and expressions, by means of performing facial warm exercises, face yoga, mukh mudras and kriyas. 

 The Ageless Face Yoga Program is a face sculpting, toning and firming program which includes facial warm up, face yoga exercises, mukh mudras, and kriyas to improve facial muscles.

  • A one hour personal Zoom session with Rajni Ohri and our in-house Ayurveda doctor. You will be required to follow the plan for a minimum of 2-3 months, depending the age and skin condition.

  • During the course of the entire program, our Ayurveda doctor will be available for guidance that you may require. 

  • A follow-up session with Ms. Rajni will be needed after 45 days in order to review the progress.