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The Ritual Contains:
  • 1 Pc Kansa Foot Wand 
  • 1 Pc Amrit Ras Foot Balm, 25g

  • 100% Pure Copper & Tin

Ohria Ayurveda Foot Kansa Wand is modernised form of traditionally used kansa vataki, attached with finely designed with curves to stimulate marma points of foot like Kshipra, Talahridya, Gulpha, Kurchashira.

Kansa Wand helps in deep absorption of oils present in Ohria Amrit Ras Foot Balm. Essential Oils relaxes nerves, reduces stress & tension. Sesame Oil, Cow's Ghee, Aloe Vera Juice makes foot skin soft, supple, nourished & healthy.

Massaging with Kansa Wand, one may release black sood on their foot which is major sign of Pitta releasing out of body, reducing the body heat & balancing Tridosha. 

  • An ayurvedic experience to relax body, mind & spirit. 
  • Soothes & relieves tired feet.
  • The foot has almost 2000 nerves, massaging them rejuvenates the entire body.
  • Calms & relaxes the body induces sleep. 
  • Ensures a free flow of prana, the body's innate energy. 
  • Reduces stress, anxiety & depression. 
  • Relieves eye strain & tired eyes when foot muscles are relaxed. 
  • Improves blood circulation & assists lymphatic drainage. 
  • Helps in a deep absorption of oils used during massage rendering the foot skin soft, supple, nourished & healthy. 


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Usage: Prepare the foot for Kansa massage by applying OHRIA Amrit Ras Foot Balm. Glide the Kansa Wand smoothly along with the shape of the foot in back & forth and circular movements. KANSA WAND CARE AND CLEANING: Clean the Kansa Wand by dipping the metal head in soapy water for some time. Make sure the wooden handle is not dipped in water. For an organic cleaning, mix a teaspoon of wheat flour, half a teaspoon of vinegar and a pinch of salt. Rub it on the metal top, rinse and wipe dry. Store it in the cotton pouch to keep it away from dust & dirt.
Kansa Foot Massage Wand: Copper, Tin, Teakwood. Amrit Ras Foot Balm: Almond oil, Kokum butter, Castor oil, Beeswax, Cane sugar, Cedarwood essential oil, Frankincense essential oil.
When used regularly, it releases out pitta, excess heat of body, relaxing and indusing sleep.