Face Yoga

Ageless Face yoga programme


An effective and all natural personalised face sculpting, toning & firming Face Yoga programme   to improve facial muscle strength designed by Ms Rajni Ohri, certified face yoga practitioner trained by Japanese masters. One on one session based on the theory of analysing facial muscles & face yoga exercises ritual for  balancing the usage of overworking & dormant muscles, preventing & minimising fine lines, wrinkles & sagging skin.

She will be correcting face posture & expressions. Firming muscles tips for improving skin elasticity & achieving an ever youthful face naturally . 

She will design a Personalised face massage ritual  to open muscle knots & release muscle tensions using hands or beauty tools.The massage  is designed as per individual needs & concerns.

The plan would include a one on one zoom session of one hour with Ms Rajni Ohri & Ayurveda doctor. The plan will have to be followed for 3 months regularly with three video calls by the doctor to assess muscle progress and one mid plan zoom session with Ms Rajni Ohri for a quick reiteration. All during this period, our Ayurvedic doctor will be available for any guidance.

After the programme : After the first session stagnated fluid & muscle tension is released, muscles are lifted and defined, blood circulation is stimulated leaving skin naturally glowing.

As the programme progresses muscle tone & firmness improves ,improving skin elasticity & youthful plumpness . The results keep showing for the following months as you follow the plan religiously further reducing fine lines & wrinkles. 

Follow up for the next programme is suggested as per need.

You would require : Handy face mirror , face oil , face tool (as per concern)

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