Detox Plan

Detox Programme

Are you facing any of these issues like lacklustre hair, dull & dry skin, white coated tongue, hair that consistently falls, acne that refuses to go, energy less & lethargic body, sluggish digestion. You’d need a detox!

A simple and easy detox plan that can be done from the comfort of your home under the guidance of our Ayurvedic doctor, getting rid of the toxins helps ojas to flourish & allows the system to nourish.

Ayurvedic Detox therapy helps to reduce tension & release stress, & aims to rejuvenate & recuperate to restore health. 

 Ayurveda aims to return the body to its original healthy state, luminous beauty is supported by inner health. Here we can correlate the detoxification process with Virechana karma.

Virechana or Virechana Karma is a filtration  treatment to detoxify the body & mind and is one of the five holy, recuperating treatments of the Panchakarma. The Panchakarma envelopes five cleansing processes that can forestall & recuperate various physical, mental, & emotional ailments. 

This detox plan follows the concept of Mridu virechana, a controlled cycle that unites ama (poisons) from numerous Pitta areas in the body, moves it in the small digestive tract, and afterward releases it.

Pre & post detox plan will be tailor made as per your dosha & concerns. 

Detox plan includes a complimentary * DETOX BOX which includes products for Dincharya .The box includes Copper Tongue Cleaner , Glass Eye Cups with triphala Powder ,Dashmoola Detox Bath powder , Tej Vardak Body Ubtan ,Coconut Oil , Dhanwantaram Body massage Oil & Detox paste 


By the end of session : Body feels light, rejuvenated , cleansed & beauty & health  results slowly follow as the body’s assimilation & overall wellness improves .

*Shipping charges for  detox box will be levied for International clients.

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